It is a cutting edge comedy showcase centered around female and LGTBQ+ comedians that will bring you sparkles and laughter, alongside a full-sensory synesthetic experience that will ignite your inner creative genius. It’s like a happy hour that's filled with jokes and might bring you to tears! Come join us for a perfect adventure, spend unapologetic quality times with a good crowd, mixed with mood lifting remedy and heart opening magic!!

the Best Show

you are in for a treat at...

We might not have Dua Lipa in da house, but we surely want to get you levitating to the moon! As we wrap up our showtime we will turn the stage into a dance floor for you to shake off all the energy you are ready to release and ignite all the new cells that are eager to emerge! You will step out of the room fully renewed with ecstatic mood and a tank filled of joy for days to come!!

It’s a Party!

Ever heard of the mysterious super power that some very gifted artists claim to have called Synesthesia? The truth is, everyone can experience it! A portion of the show has been thoughtfully designed by artist and mixed-media mixologist Dingding to bring you a unique experience where you get to see colors in your breathwork, release emotion through sound and journey through a guided visualization to unlock your inner creative magic! 


Every show has its own theme, and host Dingding will curate some of the best up and coming female and LGTBQ+ comedians to bring you a feast of jokes, alongside great company, music and booze!


Fun Fact about your host…

Dingding is my real name, as seen on my passport!

I have a book signed by Jim Gaffigan, quoting me as his “favorite opener ever”!!

My favorite place to have a date is the Grocery Store.

I lived in West Africa for an entire month in my early 20s.

I am a master of healing crystals, and a nerd about everything metaphysics.