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I produce seasonal art prints, stationery, stickers and wearable art that delivers everyday enlightenment to your personal style and surrounding environment. i have been offering merchandise that sparks joy at popular craft fairs and inside leading retail stores since 2016, and i’m on a mission to bring more aesthetic delight into our everyday encountering! 

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Welcome to the Hungry Universe, come meet your fantastic foodie friends!! In this vivacious take on the classic seek and find book, it’s up to you to discover all the hidden items in each picture. Now, who is HUNGRY? Get a signed copy directly from Dingding, with customized message and unique add-on gifts! 

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I believe in the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever! If you are a like minded believer like me, you'll love all the wearable beam of sunshine that's coming your way very soon!

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Image has power, as it brings certain frequency to you that delivers good luck and positive changes in subtle and magical ways. An art print with the right color and message is like a silent mantra that's working in your space 24/7, quietly radiating good vibes that shifts the energy in the room efforlessly!

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No AMOUNt of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination. 

- edward hopper