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I provide artistic direction and visual images that pair well with very good looking brands & publications to illuminate their messages and I offer collectible and personalized artwork that blend smoothly with quirky & delightful creative individuals to leverage their identity.

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I share personal insights and cultivate learning experiences for procrastinating & overthinking creatives souls who are craving more unapologetic self expression, creative fulfillment as well as meaningful connections. 

Serving sparkling ideas that brings life to the "party"

Get my audio training on “How to become unapologetically you?” plus a bubbly boost for your mood and soul, from my drawing desk to your inbox every week! Say 👋🏻 buh-bye to your Monday Blues, and watch out for incoming Creative Flow Abundance!!

Monday Mimosa

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With its condensed formula of JOY this book will take you on a wild ride through sensibility and serendipity, heading towards your inner wonderland!
Come nourish yourself in an “eggcellent art studio”, indulge yourself at a “pizza party in space”! And look out for “sneaky snacks” and “corgis in party hats”!

Delicious Daydreams

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I’ve been working as a commercial illustrator for almost a decade, and my favorite part of this journey is to have a collection of work that I can proudly claim as my own creative expression. They are here to represent my point of view as an artist, as well as spread the energy that truly resonates with my core essence. As I speak from my heart, I hope it strikes a chord in yours ;)


The Hudio

I started this podcast because I’m curious about topics from our everyday cravings, cultural upbringings to societal relationships, and spiritual awareness. I want to dedicate this space to creative procrastinators & professional over-thinkers who are are overdue for a snack break! Grab a drink and join me for a happy hour that will leave you feel “oh soul reconnected”! 


Honey Gone nuts

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I produce seasonal art prints, stationery, stickers and wearable art that delivers everyday enlightenment to your living and working space. I have been offering delightful collectible art since 2016, and I’m on a mission to bring more aesthetic joy to our daily environment!


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It’s Dingding!

I create content & experiences with my mixology of tastes & senses, ideas & stories, which takes you on a journey towards the tropical paradise for your heart. I have been serving sparkling ideas that brings life to the “party” to top notch publications and global brands for almost a decade, and I’m on a mission to ignite the everyday extraordinary flame inside of everyone. Welcome to my corner of the internet, and plz buckle up, as we are about to embark on a wild ride through the psychedelic tunnel, heading towards a renaissance of our inner MAGIC! 🌈

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