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I provide creative solutions that pair well with brands who have a bold personality and publications that are very good looking.

A very bubbly creative studio!

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I create content and experiences for aspiring artists, creative entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who are hungry for more joy, inspiration and connection to unleash their unique gift and awaken their inner super star, all while having good snacks.

Serving sparkling ideas that brings life to the "party"

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Get a bubbly boost for your mood and soul, from my drawing desk to your inbox, every other week! Say 👋🏻 buh-bye to your Monday Blues!

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Come take a look at projects that make me proud with processes that drove me nuts. Consider it a close up view at my drawing desk as well as a X-ray scan of the map of my mind!

The Studio

Portfolio & TIPS

Wanna know what passion project I’m working on? Curious about the secret sauce I use to nurture my own creativity? Take a front seat inside my creative lab as well as getting some tips on recipes and snacks!

Creative Lab

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food & mood

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Hear me ranting about life as an BIPOC artist in New York City. Alongside with my talented friends, creative heroes as well as internet BFFs! It’s like being invited to a buzzing dinner party!

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BIZ & Life stories

It’s Dingding!

I am a New York based artist and writer, and my friends call me a joy-bringer extraordinaire.
As the only person in my family who immigrated from China to the US, hustle was my first language. I have been honing my illustration and storytelling skills for over a decade, and have earned the trust from top notch global brands. I took my craft seriously but not so much myself! I believe in the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever! I’m here to channel the sparkling and unapologetic “feelings” from the tip of my pen all the way into the web 3.0, as well as help more of you do the same!!

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