I'm Dingding.

I am an award-winning Chinese artist, writer, comedian and overall content creator. I spread joy via working on illustration projects with global brands and leading publications, and I deliver everyday extraordinairy by sharing drawings and writings on the world wide web! I’m a firm believer in making the world a better place one scribble at a time!


Ni Hao!

The whole existence is vibration, and so are thoughts.If you generate a powerful thought, it shall become a reality.

telling jokes at open mics, or sipping a sparkling wine over hotpot around New York City, 


channelling the sparkling and unapologetic “feelings” from the tip of my pen all the way into the web 3.0, 

I'm all ABOUT:

the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever


Think “Princess Bubblegum” from Adventure Time, add a bit more spicy and salty, and you got me! I’ve had a deep connection with food since a young age, all thanks to my beloved grandpa, who dedicated his golden year all into recipe development and cooking experiments. The end result is my annoyingly picky taste bud! I am also a highly sensitive person, and I can resonate very well with all creature’s emotions as well as the mood of food! In fact, I struggled with my own emotional issues and food disorder in my early 20s. Luckily I eventually discovered the super power of “sailing with your feelings” Nowadays I just sip champagne over cheese, while making waves with my thoughts, gotta say it’s quite a journey but well worth it! 

I’m that OG immigrant!

At age 22, I packed up two giant suitcases and moved to the United States to fulfill that American Dream my parents didn’t have access to. A decade later, after going through all kinds of sweat and tears, I finally recognized that bubbly soul that was always inside me and felt ready to bring it to the other side! As an OG immigrant, I never had the cushion to fall back on, and over the years it became my most valuable asset, which turned me from a sour grape into a shiny glass of sparkling wine! And I want to carry on that energy and make more girls like me feel freaking great about themselves, no matter what! It’s possible!

Welcome to my Food Universe!

I’m all game!

I took my craft seriously but not so much myself! I love collaborating with a team and I’m all about peer support over peer pressure! Born to a whole family of architects and engineers, I have a keen sense of structure and have been delivering multiple well-rounded projects to top notch brands. I am also uniquely good at adding just the right amount of drama to the final deliveries so they will surely stand out among the crowd!

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