I'm Dingding.

I am an illustrator, writer, and comedian and I have created vibrant and humorous art for global brands such as HBO, Google, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Sephora, and more. And I have won awards from both the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. 

Some of my signature projects include my public art collaboration with the Museum of Chinese in America and NYC DOT to spread love and joy on the street of Chinatown in Manhattan in 2016, my digital sticker set commissioned by Instagram to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month in 2021 and my poster design for Turning Red’s Disney+ global release in 2022.

My debut book, "Delicious Daydreams: A Seek-and-Find for Foodies" published by Chronicle Books is out on March 21st 2023.

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the whole existence is vibration, and so are thoughts.If you generate a powerful thought, it shall become a reality

telling jokes at open mics, or sipping a sparkling wine over hotpot around New York City 

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peer support over peer pressure!
I took my craft seriously but not so much myself

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the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever

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Think “Princess Bubblegum” from Adventure Time, add a bit more spicy and salty, and you got me, a food nerd who also cares to make it fashion! As a kid, watching grandpa cooking while doodling on my notebook was my initial getaway from outside noises; as a grown up, food and art continues to serve as my unique love language for everyday life! With an MFA degree in illustration I get to build a professional career in commercial art; with my dating life in New York City I get to experience the magic world of global gastronomy. Over the years, I’ve also learned that my sensibility is nothing to be ashamed of but instead my super power! And as I step into my own unique brilliance, I also discovered my true purpose of being a creative human being, that is to feel all that I can feel, and use my artistry and empathy to bring people closer together, over visual art, conversations as well as delicious meals!!

Highly sensitive kid on an adventure 

I was a highly sensitive kid who grew up in China mainland, and I was struggling for years to find personal space for peace. I wanted to escape from the stressful expectation at home since an early age. An accidental opportunity to visit Arizona in high school planted a seed inside me for a dream of pursuing "freedom and self expression" in America. At age 22, I packed up two giant suitcases and moved to the United States to fulfill that American Dream my parents didn’t have access to. I was on a mission looking for love, adventure and magic somewhere out there. Yet It took me a decade of learning and growing, many heart broken moments plus a trip to Africa to finally realize that everything I was looking for was already inside of me!

Hungry for the taste of life 

Passion for Love & Connection

I was once a workaholic, with a successful track record on the outside, and a heart that was insecure, anxious, and totally burned out on the inside. I spent my entire 20s looking for love & connection from the external world, however when my grandpa passed away in 2020 I got totally lost. After a much needed pause, as I devour all the self-help books that I can find, plus a Tony Robbin event as well as a deep journey through The Artist’s Way, I finally reunited with the creator that was always inside of me! After my grandpa visited me in a dream where he threw me a long table dinner party, I followed the calling and spent 2 years turning all that love energy into my debut seek and find book for adult: Delicious Daydreams! My new life mission is to bring people on a seek and find journey of their own inner magic, through books, in between jokes and over at dinner tables! 

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green eggs and ham


hibiscus tea



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salsa & chips

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Fun Facts

I grow up in Sichuan, China, same hometown as the Panda Bear.

The best dining experience I've ever had is at eleven madison park.

My favorite place to have a date is the grocery store.

I lived in west Africa for an entire month in my early 20s.

I have a book signed by Jim Gaffigan credited me as his "favorite opener ever"!






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