Dingding Hu is an artist, writer, and performer, and she has worked as a commercial artist for global brands such as Google, Disney, and Sephora. She is the author of a seek and find book called Delicious Daydreams, published by Chronicle Books, and she hosts a podcast called Honey Gone Nuts, where she explores stories of creative renaissance.

Dingding grew up in China and immigrated to the US to pursue an MFA degree at Maryland Institute College of Art. She established a successful career in New York City as an artist, with recognitions from Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. She has led public art projects commissioned by the Department of Transportation as well as designed campaigns for Instagram / Meta as an empowerment for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month.

With a decade of experience as a visual artist, plusplus years of study in energy work, Dingding became the creator of AURAcle, an intuitive drawing system that captures the lucid essence of people, as well as illuminates their creative genius. Dingding is now on a mission to uncover the hidden wisdoms in nature with the analysis of fundamental elements in our energetic system, as well as through the form of oracle arts alongside multi-media performance! 

Media Bio

As an immigrant artist, I struggled with original creativity, until I started to approach it from the perspective of my inner child. To tap into the heart of my inner child, I've learned to cultivate an environment that is safe and collaborative for the creative spirit to emerge, I've also developed a routine for the creative muscle to develop and grow, in addition I've been shifting my belief system constantly to let go of the attachment of validation. 

How to tap into creativity

Self care through art, creativity, and food

I am a highly sensitive woman of color, and out of my own creative needs, I discovered the key to effective Self Care lies in the well being of our inner child. I facilitate intentional conversations on my podcast and IRL gatherings, I practice self observation and perspective shift through improv and stand up comedy, and I seek self discovery and spiritual guidance with spontaneous collage and journaling.

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Personal development and spirituality 

I use a lot of color in my artwork, and as I study the Chakra system, I learned about color’s deeper meanings. For example, both green and pink connect to our heart chakra, and it also relates to the energy of love, openness and vulnerability. Breath work is another spiritual activity that I practice. As the word “inspire” originally means inhale, the process of intentional breath work helps remove the noise in my mind, and brings me closer to clarity and divine inspiration.

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