I’m on a mission to ignite the everyday extraordinary flame inside of you; and I create artwrok & experiences with my mixology of ideas, stories and synesthesia, which takes you on a journey towards the tropical paradise for your heart. Welcome to my HUniverse! Buckle up, as we are embarking on a wild ride through the psychedelic tunnel, heading towards a renaissance of our inner MAGIC!

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Dive into this delicious mixed-media world, and enjoy a co-creating process with your own mind’s eye, alongside fantastic friends! The portal towards your subconscious wonderland awaits…

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Do you know there’s a rainbow connection between your essence and your wildest imagination? Let me be the bridge and bring you "The Ultimate Color Guide" for your palette and soul! Fill in the forms below to unlock the one color that’s most present in your life right now! You will also gain access to my newsletter “Monday Mimosa”, a sparkling potion for your inner creative brilliance, channeling ancient wisdom to deliver you long-lasting creative abundance! 

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As a recovering creative procrastinators & professional over-thinkers, I’m curious about topics from our daily cravings, cultural upbringings, societal relationships, to spiritual awareness and beyond. Hence I created this space to explore stories of creative renaissance as well as investigate the journey of connecting to our inner MAGIC. Grab a drink and join me and my guest for a treat of soul lifting conversations, dinner party style!


honey gone nuts

Where is the land beyond the eye, that people cannot see? Let me present you the perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane! Come inside to my mixed-media wonderland, and enjoy a co-creating process with your own mind’s eye. Open the portal towards your subconscious magical world, and ignite your dormant gifts through a full-sensory synesthetic experience! As you get lost through imaginary playgrounds, heading towards a hypnotic journey within, your new found self awaits!


Daydream wonderland

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I produce seasonal art prints, stationery, stickers and wearable art that delivers everyday enlightenment to your personal style and surrounding environment. I have been offering merchandise that sparks joy at popular craft fairs and inside leading retail stores since 2016, and I’m on a mission to bring more aesthetic delight into our everyday encountering! 


hu is hungry

It’s Dingding here!

I’m an illustrator, writer, comedian, your hostess with the mostest, and a synestheté! Or you can call me a mixed-media mixologist! Welcome to my HUniverse, a world of my own, where everything would be a bit nonsense, with a sprinkle of humor! 
I have created vibrant and humorous art for global brands such as HBO, Google, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Sephora, and more. And I have won awards from both the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. I believe in the positive energy that comes from delightful artwork, and the world needs it more than ever.

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