The perfect place to find your own magic in the mundane! Come get lost through imaginary playgrounds, heading towards a hypnotic journey within, and find yourself again! 

How do you get to Wonderland? Over the hill or underland?
Or just behind the tree?

you are invited to enter new realms of…

Daydream Wonderlands

your synesthetic group adventure is boarding!

Come inside to this mixed-media world, and enjoy a co-creating process with your own mind’s eye. Open the portal towards your subconscious delicious wonderland, and ignite your dormant magic through a full-sensory synesthetic experience!

Where is the land beyond the eye, that people cannot see?

dingding, dingding…

Knock knock - Hu’s There?

I’m Dingding Hu, an illustrator, writer, comedian, your hostess with the mostest, and a synestheté! Or you can call me a mixed-media mixologist! Welcome to my HUniverse, a world of my own, where everything would be a bit nonsense, with a sprinkle of humor!

Put on your festive attire or wear a funny hat, make yourself at home. There is 98 and 3/4 percent chance you’ll go beyond the norm! Would you, could you? Try for yourself? 

Where is the path to Wonderland? Over the hill or here or there? You ever wonder where?

Hey there, it’s Dingding here!

For my creative unicorns, the workshop series would truly nourish your creative spirit. Come empty minded, or carry some ideas, and you’ll be surprised by your new found creative super power. It is like a spin class for your creative muscle, with exercises like prompts, creative visualizations, and delights to awaken your full sensory creativity. A perfect workout to recalibrate your senses and manifest your wildest dreams!



coming soon...

For my party people, you definitely don't want to miss the comedy shows, cause it is shrimply the best! This is a series of showcases where I invite my favorite performers to bring you sparkles and laughters, alongside bites and booze that will brighten up your spirit! It is like a happy hour that's filled with jokes and might bring you to tears! Come in your best mood, or trust the process to release all that's ready to go! A perfect adventure for authentic joy, mixed with soul lifting rituals and heart opening retreat! 


shrimply the best

Instruction: stir counter-clock wise

The notes: replenish, rejuvenate, reignite

The cherry on top: quirky beats

The juice: joy, delight, and humor

The spirit: childlike wonder

fancy a glass of “Daydream Daiquiri”?